For security measures you probably need to lock your personal file on your smart phone and when we talk of smartphones XiaoMi Mi3 android phone comes in mind as one of thos top gadgets at time of post anyway. Do you use the XiaoMi Mi3 android phone? And you wish to lock some private apps, you might have in mind that you need an external or third party application to do that. Well there is a default setting for that on your XiaoMi Mi3 android phone, and right here it will be made known to you. Let’s see how it goes.

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Guide to Lock Apps on XiaoMi Mi3 Android Smartphone

One good thing about this is that your can select what kind of security you need either a lock code or a pattern lock and every app can have different lock pattern. But in oder for you to enable this function on you XiaoMi Mi3 android smartphone, you’ll have to follow the below guide properlly. Lets Move straight to the Tutorial.

STEP 1: Goto the Phone Settings click on Security and then select Privacy Protection.

STEP 2: You are there at the privacy protection now click on the option of ‘Permission’. Then you’ll be asked to set the lock pattern to protect (lock) the apps, here you’ll add the pattern lock of your desire.

STEP 3: I know by now you must have added your lock code or pattern now go back to the Privacy Protection page and click on the option of ‘Lock apps’ then choose the apps which you wish to lock.
In the screenshot below Google chrome app has been selected and locked.

STEP 4: If you have passed this procedure then your selected applications must be protected from anybody who doesn’t know the password patterns.

When next you wish to open the locked app you will have to enter the pattern password which you have set to open them.


  1. really appreciate your info of how to lock app in miui.
    do you know how to change the pattern which i have set previously by following your instruction here.


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