Have you ever visited a domain name, and found out that it has been parked and with ads displaying and no content on it. You might wonder why people set up sites like that, here is all about Making Money Online with Parked domains you need to know.


Most Domainer, people who buy domain names with highly targetted keywords for resell at a higher price rate use this pattern to generate the domain cost, and in most cases make more money online by parking the domain.


how to make money online from parked domains

To Park a Domain, you can use services such as Park.com, put up the domain name with them, and they can start placing ads on your domain name, you even have the features to customize the looks of the ads. Once people visit your domain, they are welcomed with ADs related to your search keyword, or the domain name, and if they click on the ADs, you make money from them.


Most people use SEO techniques on such domains in order to make money from their parked domains. Here is a testimony to that which I got from Digital Point today:



I get about $20 a day from one domain. It started out at only penny’s a day but I employed on page and off page seo plus did a bit of testing with ad placement and colors and with in 3 months $20 a day and growing. Plus my site has gone from no indexed pages to # 8 slot on the first page of google for my key words I am now working on 2 new domains trying to get them up and generating revenue.

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