Most BlackBerry users complain of insufficient battery life span, this has always been the problem of blackberry devices.

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Are you a BlackBerry user, and you suffer same problem?
If yes then you’ve just found out how you can make your BlackBerry battery last longer.

I’m Sure This Tutorial Will Help Your Battery Last Longer
1. Your Phones Back light always Dim the Back light Turning the brightness down (even just a bit) can help immensely to extend your battery.
How To Change Your Back Light Brightness:
*. Go to Options > Display >Screen Display Scroll to Back light Brightness and change to 10.

2. Your Backlight timeout shouldn’t be much you should keeps your screen from staying on unnecessarily when you’re doing something:
How To Do This
Options>Display >ScreenDisplay To adjust the Backlight Timeout Scroll to Backlight Timeout and change to 20 Sec.

3. Your Bluetooth Shouldn’t Be Turn On When Not In Use, Your Bluetooth Sucks Your Battery Bit By Bit When Turn On Even When It’s Inuse On Not.
How To Disable Bluetooth:
Click on the Network Settings area on your home screen Unchecked Bluetooth (to enable Bluetooth repeat the steps but check the box).

4. Lock Your Device and/ or use a BlackBerry Case w/ sleeper magnet locking the device is something you should do any way (better security when you use a password) it can also help save battery life. When your device is in your pocket or purse and it gets banged around,sometimes the screen will activate when a key is pressed.

5. Exit Unused Apps Simply closing unused apps can go a long way in helping battery life To close unused apps: Press and hold the Menu button to open the app switcher Highlight and select the app you want to close When in the apps,press the Menu buttonagain then exit (shutdown,logout) the apps.


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