If by now you don’t know what Feedburner and Aweber services are, then you have to Read this post to know, and the Advantages they each have over another.

moving Feedburner subscribers to Aweber

If you finally decided to switch your subscribers without loosing any from feedburner to Aweber, then my steps are worth taking a look at.

Steps to Move Email Subscriberd from Feedburner to Aweber

1. Log into you FeedBurner account.

2. Click on the “Analyze” tab, now scroll down just below the “Feed Stats” section of the page. Find the line that reads “Export Excel * CSV.” Click on the “CSV” link and download it to your computer.

3. Open the CSV file in your Microsoft Excel, OpenOffice or Numbers. Any spreadsheet program can open it though. It depends on which one you have on your computer. A list of email addresses would appear, simply highlight and copy all the email addresses.

4. Now Log into your AWeber account. Click on “Import” which is located below the “Subscribers” tab.

5. You can now paste the email addresses which you copied previously into the open text box under “Subscribers”. Now scroll down to the “How Did They Sign Up” heading. Now state that the subscribers signed up for your feed via FeedBurner on your website and completed a double opt-in process in the text box proided and make sure you include the URL for your website.

6. Click in the box by “Use Automation Rules”. Click “Next”. There will be a confirmation on the screen. Then click on “Save”.

All your subscribers have been successfully moved from Feedburner to Aweber

Tell us if you successfully moved your subscribers or any problems you encountered using the comment box.


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