Remember the post I made on how many ad units are allowed by adsense. Normally for publishers, you are allowed to place only three ad units for content on your page. But, been an Adsense Premium Publisher, you can place up to 4 adsense ad units per page without getting a ban and google approves it.

benefits and how to become an adsense premium publisher

Benefits of Adsense Premium Publishers

– You can place your ads on Adul+ sites.

– You can display your ads on Cas!n0 related sites.

– Labelling of ads is optional. That is to say, yo can remove the Ads by Google from your ads.

– You can edit to fonts, color, custom width and height to fit in to any part of your site which are not made available in normal publisher accounts.

– You would be granted a dedicated adsense manager. Meaning, you have a personal adsense customer service.

Isn’t this great? Been a Premium publisher gives you a wider chance of earning more.

Here is how to become a Premium Adsense Publisher

There are specified criterea you must meet to become a Premium Adsense Publisher. They are:

You must reach 5 million search queries


20 million content page views every month.
And that’s it. Hope this was helpful.



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