Have you been passing through the stress of manually posting on fb groups? If yes then this tutorial is for you.

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Drawing the attention of the audience on facebook to your products, blog post etc. Isn’t so easy, making an update on your profile for your friends to see won’t be enough to advertise your produt but come to think of it, “facebook groups”. Yes facebook gruops are greate places to share your products, lately i checked how many groups I’ve joined on Facebook and i found out that I’ve joined over 250 groups, now come to think of it, would i manually post on all this groups?

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Sh*t! I can’t go through the stress of manually posting on over 300 groups, I hope you won’t like to do same aswell, that’s why today techribs brings to you this hot tutorial.

How To Post On Multiple Groups on Facebook With Your Mobile
This tutorial is preferable using your UC Browser rather than your Operamini Browser.

Step 1=>>. Login facebook, click on groups at the top of the page.

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Step 2=>>. Goto the groups you want to post on and get their ID.
Take your cusor to the group you want to post and press 1 you’ll see the following options “Open in background, Close, Copy, Save As, bla bla bla,” then scroll to Copy an click, then you’ll see the following option“Select And Copy, Selected Text, Selected Link, bla bla bla” now select “Copy selected link”. See the Screenshot below.

Step 3=>> . Now paste the copied contents. It should look like this


Note : You should paste it in any box in your Uc Browser, before highlighting and copying it, remenber you should copy only the ID which is the text that are coloured blue and add this to it @groups.facebook.com example. [email protected] then you can add this to as much groups ID’s as you want to post on seperating them by comma.
See Screenshot below.

Step 4=>>. Send your post to the group via email, you must use the email account you used to create the facebook account, type your post in the content box, then in the BBC box put your groups ID’s with the (@groups.facebook.com) at the end.

Step 4=>>. Then send and go back to facebook, then check the groups and see your posts :). This method also works for PC users.

Note : Don’t post in over 30 groups with thesame post or your facebook account might be deleted by facebook. It’s adviceable you post in 25 groups with thesame post at once.

This post wasn’t written for spaming purpose, you can add me up on facebook Facebook.com/LarryFranku


  1. Ok i tried it and i got a notification saying sent,but it didn’t show in the group but when i posted manually, it came up

    Should i use the bcc form alone and leave the “to” form empty

  2. Working perfectly but i just got blocked, telling me to verify my account,i only post 10 groups at a time am on mobile now would fix that when i log in through a pc

  3. Working perfectly but i just got blocked, telling me to verify my account,i only post 10 groups at a time am on mobile now would fix that when i log in through a pc

  4. I think this method has been blocked. Cos I have been trying it for some while now and I only receive notifications on ma mail that Message not delivered. Is it still working from ur end?


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