Still in the series of How to Root Android Devices, i will be teaching you how to root your MicroMax A52 Android smartphone using my simple easy guide and steps.

how to root a Micromax A52 Android device

Requirements to Root the Micromax A52

Here are the following things or application software required to root your Micromax A52 device successfully.

These are the various PC and Mobile applications required to root your Android smartphone. Click on any to download the software.

Flashing the Boot.IMG

We firstly need to flash the BOOT.IMG provided, before we finally head to Rooting your Micromax A52

  1. Now install the MTK Drivers and SP Flash Tool v2.0 on your PC.
  2. Launch the SP Flash Tool, then click the option Button on the top Left side of the application window and Select USB MODE .
  3. Various options such as Download agent , Scatter-Loading , Auth File , Cert File and the Nand Util File  would appear to the right, select the Scatter-Loading.
  4. Now load the BOOT.IMG by clicking on Boot.IMG in the list that appears, then select Unsecured Boot.IMG , You have to load the Boot.IMG and scatter files in same folder when you downloaded them in order to enable it to be detected automatically.
  5. Remove your Battery from your Micromax A52 for 10secs, re-insert your battery, but DO NOT witch the phone On.
  6. Insert your USB Data cable to your PC (DO NOT connect your phone yet), click on the DOWNLOAD button in the SP Flash Window, immediately you see it searching at the bottom of the page, connect your phone to the USB, DO NOT switch ON the phone.
  7. A progress bar would appear, then when successful, you will get a message “Successfully Flashed”. Another Dialog box will appear which will show green colored ring and showing DOWNLOAD OK. Ignore all boxes, close the SP Flash Window and Now switch On your Phone and remove the USB.

Steps to Rooting a Micromax A52 Android Device

After you have successfully flashed the BOOT.IMG, you can now proceed to rooting your android smartphone.

  1. After you switch On your Android Smartphone, go to Setting > Application group>Applications>Development>USB Debugging>AND ENABLE USB DEBUGGING.
  2. Install the Unlock Root to your PC, Connect your Smartphone with the USB Data Cable.
  3. Launch the Unlock Root Software on your PC and click on the Root button.
  4. Now Select Micromax A52 In the list of Online Devices shown.
  5. After the process is completed, simply Restart your Phone.

Viola, you have successfully Rooted your Micromax A52 Android Smartphone Device. I hope it helps.



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