Yes! I will show you how to root your android device. As we all know there are lot of Applications you might wish to install on your Android device tha

t require special permission, and some also which most Android devices don’t support because they are based on Linux.
And now i will like to show you how you can root your Android devices to make those apps work properly.

Reasons Why You Should Root Your Android Device

1. Rooting your Android device will make it faster.
2. Increase your battery life making your battery last longer.
3. It will let you install applications that can run on Android device.

Hence with some seasons i have given, i believe you would like to root your android device.

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Steps On How To Root Your Android Device

* Download the SRSRoot to your PC HERE.
* Connect your Android device to your PC using your USB.
* Open SRSRoot software on your PC.
* Click on “Root device (All methods)” and wait till the process is complete.

Before you start rooting your, make sure you backup your device.



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