You want to learn how to share games on steam: sharing your steam library with friends and family? Problem solve! With the ability of Valve’s new family sharing features, you can invite about five accounts to dive in your library. How can this be done?

We provide an advance step-by-step process on sharing games on steam and sharing your steam library that works. So I highly recommend you read to the conclusion.

Thanks a million to Valve’s up-to-the-minutes sharing features, which the company made available last September. With Valve, you freely share any of your favorite games with friends and family members.

How to Share Games on steam

The first thing first, before you can enable Family Library Sharing is that you must activate or enable the Steam Guard security feature first.

How To Share Games on Steam

Firstly, you need to open the Steam settings menu. Next, click on the Account tab, and secondly, select the “Manage my account with Steam Guard security” option.

How To Enable The Sharing Feature On Your Steam Library 

You must first be login to your family member or friend’s computer with any of your Steam account.

How To Share Games on Steam

Secondly, click open on the settings menu. Then click on the Family tab, and lastly choose to authorize the device.

Also, there will be a display of an option to authorize any accounts logged into the same device.

Once this is complete, log out of your steam account; letting your friends and family members login theirs.

This directly applied technique will enable them to download and install any selected games displayed form your gaming library.

Moreover, you can authorize about ten devices/computers and over five accounts to enter your Steam gaming library freely.

Benefits of Sharing Games On Steam 

Time after time, the most essential Family Library Sharing feature is not sharing your library with friends across the globe.

But instead, it’s an opportunity for parents to let their kids participate in their Steam library.

One of the most unassailable benefits of operating Family Library Sharing is being able to play a game without messing with your kids/sibling’s progress, achievements, and saves.

Family Library sharing, on the other hand, can also be used in testing your favorite game or a game friend owns as long as it’s worth your hard-earned cash.

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Limitations of Sharing Games on Steam 

As mentioned above, when it comes to sharing Your Steam Library there are limitations. Your gaming library could only be accessed by five accounts from about ten different devices. It’s highly recommendable to have an active internet connection to access shared libraries.

This is as a result of “technical limitations” and licensing agreements. For those games that require a subscription, can’t be made available for sharing.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I enable Family Library Sharing on my Device?

To enable Family Library Sharing, first and foremost, ensure you have Steam Guard security enabled through Steam >>> Settings>>> Account in the Steam Client.

Secondly, enable the sharing feature through Settings>>> Family, (or you can also migrate to in Big Picture mode, Settings>>> Family Library Sharing,)

This is where you can authorize specific users and computers share.

Are there limitations to the number of devices to be authorized on my Family Library share?

This answer is YES. You can only be able to authorize Family Library Sharing on ten devices at a specific time. Also, only five accounts can be used in your game library on any authorized computers by you.

Is it compulsory to be online before I could play a shared game?

YES. This means of sharing game requires an internet connection. You needed to be online to access and play games.

Can I share specific games or all?

You can share your Libraries as well as borrowing in their entirety.

Can all my Steam games be shared to others?

Not! This is as a result of some technical limitations. Steam games or titles that need another third-party key, subscription or even account may be unavailable for sharing.

Is it possible for two users to be able to share a library and both play at the same time?

NO! Is the answer. Why? Because when it comes to the shared library, only one user can access a shared library at a given time.

If I authorize a device and lead my library to my friend, will be limiting my ability to access or play my games?

The owner of the account, you can access and play your games at the same spot. But if by chance you happen to be playing when another user into one of your games, the user will be given a couple of minutes to quit the game or purchase the game.

Most at the time the games I’ve granted access to will be unavailable for me to play. Why is this so?

Shared games can only be accessed by devices that had been authorized by the owner of the account.

Not only that but also Shared games will be unavailable to work or display on authorized device whenever the owner of the accounting library is using the account currently on another computer.

Whom is entitled to access the DLC and in-game content?

Any guest must have access to the lender’s DLC; therefore if the guest is not a part of the base game owner. It’s so not possible for families and friend (Guests) to purchase DLC for a base game they don’t own.

Note that in-game items are not available for sharing between accounts, but guest can make a purchase, earn and trade.

Will my account be flagged or disabled if other users engage in any cheating or caught in fraud while playing my games?

Yes if you caught cheating or in any fraudulent conduct your Family Library Sharing opportunities may be revoked, and this may lead to your account VAC banned. Furthermore, if your library is used by the third party to fraud or conduct cheating, your account will be flagged.

There you have it – a comprehensive tutorial on how to share games on steam. We believe this tutorial answers all your questions on how to share games on steam, if you still have questions, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.


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