I remember once making a post on How to make your pc boot faster, well, here is what I can term a reverse tutorial on how to get your Personal Computer shut down faster.

fast shutdown of a PC tips and tricks


  1. Go to Start > Run when the Run box opens type in regedit
  2. Your registry should have opened [Just checking…have you backed up your registry?] Navigate to the following keys; HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > System > CurrentControlSet > Control
  3. When you get to Control click on it, the pane to the right should have a listing of several keys, double-click on;>WaitToKillServiceTimeout, change it to ’1000‘ (changing this forces your computer during shutdown to end services that are running much faster)
  4. Once you ‘ve changed these settings restart your computer and your settings should have taken effect

Note: Since we would be tweaking the registry, you can Backup your registry before doing this incase you mess up with things.


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