Stop Laptop Over HeatingYour laptop is not a cooker but often times we find that our laptops are getting hot when subject to even a mild usage. As you should expect, laptop overheating ends up crashing our systems and if you are not lucky to have a good backup habit then losing all your files is very likely.

You may be wondering why your laptop is heating up so easily. Overheating of laptops mostly results from the fact that the makers of these laptops try as much as possible to slim down their brands by making every component small and tight. Didn’t you ask for something slim and lightweight after all!

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So how can you in your own way stop your laptop from overheating?

  • Don’t put your laptop on anything like a cushion when it is switched on. The soft material could obstruct the airflow vents, especially the rear vents, which could cause the computer to overheat.
  • Never put anything over your keyboard when the laptop is operating in the closed-lid mode. It’s likely that this will cause the computer to repeatedly turn on and off. This could produce considerable heat and could also drain your battery [source: Apple].
  • Shut down your computer overnight to let it cool off.
  • If you use it intermittently during the day, set it to go into standby mode when not in use. This will save power and reduce heat output from the laptop’s components.
  • Be sure your laptop is always switched off when it’s in a bag.
  • Clean the air vents. Dust accumulates on the vents, which will block them and prevent them from working efficiently.

With the steps above you should be able to enjoy a cooler pc from now. If however the overheating continues then it may be time to visit the repair shop to have your fans examined.


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