Today i will be sharing with you how you can stop blackberry  hanging and for those of us who use blackberry, you will know how it can be frustrating when you blackberry hangs, especially when you are doing something that is important.
Here in this tutorial I’m going to show you how to stop your blackberry from hanging.

(Image Credit: Ibnamoo)

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Firstly download Blackberry Desktop Manager Here and also downloaded the latest OS The IExplorers for blackberry Here.
N/B: When downloading this application it’s preferable you use a laptop and make sure your phone is not connected to the laptop then lunch the application Apploader through windows Explorer by going to the Start button then i click program files then Command files then Research in Motion then Apploader.
After opening the Apploader connect your Blacberry to your laptop using your blackberry USB cable, then click next as seen in the picture below.

(Image Credit: Teckbucket)
Then a screen opens and you will see a port selection screen then it will show you USB PIN: UNKNOW then click next as seen in the picture below.

(Image Credit: Teckbucket)
Then after you click next wait wait for it to get your blackberry configuration then a screen appears where you will see a list of your applications then untick all the application you want to be on the phone, Then click next and another screen appeared i then click Advance option button and click next, Then a screen appeared again then tick the option to delete all your application including your installed application, Then click next and waited for the operation to reload.
It will take over twenty (20) minutes then a screen appears and shows the loading operation was successful as seen in the picture below then the blackberry reboots by itself and your phone is restored to how it was when you bought it.

(Image Credit: Teckbucket)
NOTE: When the operation is reloading don’t unplug your phone from the laptop.


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