It is quite an undisputed and obvious SEO fact that without Search Engines crawling your website or blog, you can’t rank for a keyword search on the search engine.

For your Website or Blog to be indexed on any search engine, you would have to let the Search Engine know of your presense. Now this can be done by Submitting your Blog to their directory.
This post would teach you how to submit your website or blog to google for Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

How to Submit Your Blog to Google Search Engine

– Simply goto, which the URL to submit your blog.

– Input your blog’s or website’s URLĀ in this format, then retype the captcha characters and click the Submit Button to invite google crawl bots.

Don’t worry, after that, google would send its bots to crawl your website or blog and that’s it.

This is a little post, but its a helpful tip.

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  1. Also, not to pick on Google because I think the world of those folk, but their HTML samples could be cleaned up a bit, usually, so I've also recast it as proper XHTML rather than somewhat sloppy HTML.


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