This is unlike how to take a screenshot on a symbian phone. Sometime ago when I was to write a review of a top Nigeria Personal/Lifestyle blog, and during that period I had to take a screenshot of the entire web page of blog and i used the normal screenshot button on my PC but it couldn’t get the entire web page so I went on for some researches and found some cool ways to do this and I’ll gladly share it with you. Let’s ride on..

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How to Take a Screenshot of an Entire Web Page (2 Methods)

No 1. Awesome Screen Shot (Google Chrome Extension):
I guess you should be a Chrome fan as I am, after a tour of all the features of the Google Chrome browser I made it my first chioce, If i format or buy a new system, probably Google Chrome would be one of the first three softwares I’ll install, I’ll be writing a list of the first 10 softwares I will install to my new system soon, but thats by the way. Let’s see this Google Chrome extension thay allows you take screenshot of an entire webpage. With the Awesome Screen Shot (Google Chrome Extension) on your Google Chrome browser, you can capture the entire the entire web page but hide the web page sensitive part.

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No 2.
Here in this third tool section I’ll discuss on two great tool thay rock for taking screenshot of an entire webpage without stress.

i. Screen Capture:
Yeah this tool always amazes me with the quality of it picture it produces. When you try taking a screen shot you captured images will be saved in PNG format. You can be able to take a screen shot of an entire web page with just a click using this app.
How do I do that? Just visit the site and hits “capture screenshot” and you are done.

App Credit: Amit Agarwal (The App Creator)

ii. Snapito:
This tool is more or less the previous one, snapito is a free online tools that works like magic.
How Can I take a screen shot of an entire webpage? Simply visit the website, type your desired webpage and enter. The screenshot of your desired webpage will be live.

Now you’ve seen the above tools for taking a fool screenschot of a web page I guess it won’t no problems no more whenever you wish to take a screenshot of a page. Are there any other tools you think is a nice one for screenshoting let us know.


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  3. Hi Larry,

    You have explained such an effective post.

    While working on WordPress and many other stuffs we need to take the screenshot of the whole webpage but most of people don’t know about it.

    The extension you have suggested may help many people.

    Nice post indeed.:)



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