In our previous post we discussed on how to track a stolen laptop and here today we’ll be talking of how to track a stolen Android device. Do not let your Android device  just go that way, follow this tutorial to track your Android device when it gets lost.

Download Any Of This Applications To Get This Done

1. SeekDroid: SeekDriod costs about $4.99 but don’t be frightened about the price, if you can remember, sometime ago I wrote an article on how to use paid android apps for free you can see that here, SeekDroid is one of the oldest find my phone applications that allows you remotely control your GPS and also helps you wipe both your internal storage and memory card (SDcards) remotely and prevent thieves from uninstalling your applications.

You can download SeekDroid HERE

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2. Lookout Plan B: Lookout plan B is one of the only application that automatically track your android phone and sends you the location. It sometimes is pre-installed on your Android phone.

In cases where your Android phone doesn’t come with this  App, you can get it  HERE.

3. Find My Phone: Find my phone is a free application that is awesome for families in cases where you want to track your kids location at any particular time, then this App comes handy. You can track your phone from another persons phone as far as they have you on their list.

You can download find my phone HERE

4. Norton Anti-Theft: Norton anti-theft helps you upload photos to Norton website that can help you track your phone.

You can download Norton anti-theft HERE

Do you know other methods one can use to track his lost phone? Simply let us know using the comment box below.



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