This is one of the greatest concepts that mobile carrier providers gives quite handy to their subscribers. On the Etisalat Network, you can transfer airtime between to customers as long as they both are making use of an Etisalat line. The funny thing about this is that you won’t be charged for transaction fees, and it is very simple to transfer credit from one etisalat SIM to another.

how to transfer credit in etisalat sim cards

How To Transfer Credit

Here is a code to transfer airtime  beterrn two customers on the Etisalat Network.
Simply Dail *223*PIN*Amount*MSISDN#

The MSISDN refers to the person’s Etisalat number you wish to transfer the credit to.

I’ve Forgotten My Transfer PIN, How Do I get it Back?

If you no longer remember your Etisalat Transfer PIN, simply call the customer service number and they would help you reset the PIN.

I hope this helps.



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