Wow! Cool one here, make haste and join me and others to enjoy this wonderful tweak. This is not just changing the imei of your Android phone it’s something very far from that, I guess you will love it. Beside the Airtel Always On plan is still nice, you can check it out. This tweak has been online for almost a week now but I decided to keep it in our junk for some trial proccess before we reveal it to you guys.


Yes of course foe the start you get 500mb worth of data for free, interesting I guess? Certainly all users of the latest Infinix Zero are entitle to 500MB every months. Is this bonus for latest Infiniz Zero users alone? Yea ofcourse. Guess what? Today I’ll show you how you’ll be able to enjoy the free 500MB on any android device, by tweaking your imei.

It’s easy to, lets see the how. Whats Involved?

  • You get to generate your imei
  • make a tweak on your imei
  • Get your MB hehehe..

How To Get The Free 500MB + Extra 1GB Every Month From Etisalat?

  1. The first 8 digits of the Infinix Zero IMEI is the first thing we need here, no need for long talk her it is 35585906
  2. The IMEI is supposed to be 15, so 7 digits are remaining. Now put any 6 digits you like. E.g 0112277, this will sum up to 14 digit remaining the last digit. A picture of what you have should look like this, 35585906011227x
  3. Now we are liiking for the last digit, you can go to This Site to get the last digit
  4. And click on IMEI Number Analyser
  5. Enter the 14 digit IMEI and click on check, it will provide you with the last digit.
  6. Copy it and tweak it to your MTK Android device . If you are new to tweaking IMEI, you could use mobile uncle. method.
  7. Once your IMEI has been successfully changed whats next? Send MID to 8186 and 500MB will be given to you. This 500MB would be given to you every month for the next 12months.

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Once you’ve revieved the 500MB, you can do the below and enjoy more:

  • Get a Tecno P3 IMEI, Tecno R7 IMEI, Tecno F7 or IMEI or Phantom Z IMEI, get the first 8digits of the IMEI, now repeat the steps above for the Infinix Zero.
  • Let me give you some expos hehehe. For Tecno F7 and R7 the first 8digits IMEI is 86115502 & For Nokia X IMEI, the first 8digits is 35304606
  • Now send NokiaX to 8186 and more MB will be given to you.

The complains I’ve been getting from you guys about how your android phone suckets a straw on your data would be no more with this; I guess so.


    • Oluwadimare,
      it simply means someone has already used the imei if you keep getting “you are already on that plan”. Generate another imei and use. You are not the only person who want’s this tweak, probably someone else has used the imei which you tried using.

  1. I followed the steps and i recieved a message that my device is already activated for this offer,and i wasn’t given any mb…please what is the way out

    • Helo Soshal,
      it simply means someone has already used the imei if you keep getting “you are already on that plan”. Generate another imei and use. You are not the only person who want’s this tweak, probably someone else has used the imei which you tried using.

  2. I dont think this thing is still working.

    I have generated n generated. I have d same p as those above. already activated for this offer
    , etisalat sends me a message that the imei is invalid, thus etisalat in dier message ommits the last check number generated.

    • Hi Macker,
      As I told the others, it simply means someone has already used the imei if you keep getting “you are already on that plan”. Generate another imei and use. You are not
      the only person who want’s this tweak, probably someone else has used the imei which you tried using.

  3. Bros is there any code I would send to etisalat b4 getting the mb…and secondly is only teckno and infinix phones dat can on enjoy dis offer?

  4. went to etisalat site to check list of valid phone.. s3 note and others was listed…pls kindly send the code I’ll send to 8186 for diferent kinds of phone… e.g MID for infinix zero, DATA for phantom Z… it was on ur post I discovered its nokiaX for nokiaX phone… kindly post the codes for others… more eligible imei pls… I apreciate you, Larry.

    • Hello Francis,
      Here are the codes I could gather?

      Samsung S3 Offers 200MB monthly for 12 months = Send S3 to 8186

      Nokia Asha Offers 60MB monthly for 6months = Send ON to 481 or dial *481*1#

      Samsung Galaxy Note 100MB monthly for 12 months = Send NOTE to 8181

      Samsung Galaxy Tab 250MB monthly for 12 months = Send TAB to 8186 or dial *379*1#

      I guess this is what your looking for?
      Lets me know if you’re not satisfied.

  5. Please is it possible to change the imei of galaxy s4. If I try using mobile uncle I receive a response that MTK engineering application is unavailable. Please help. Thanks

  6. Mr. Larry plz weneva i go click on IMEI Number Analyzer it keeps bringing “Quota for is reached, sorry.” Plz wat does dis mean? Thanks

  7. pls do you have tecno phantom z imei pls let me have it and also more importantly because am confuse which code will I send it to for example infinix zero own is MID TO 8186 but Nokia x,xl tecno phantom z,f7 and r7 sending pin are confusing

  8. plz i can not generate the last digit because the link you posted is saying “Quota for is reached, sorry.” please what should i do? this is my email address [email protected] please help me with the Infinix Zero IMEI no and Tecno P3 IMEI no…. am counting on you… thanks in anticipation

    • Hi Kipstar,
      It’s really good that you were given the free data, I’m glad you came over to drop your testimony, I really appreciate that.
      Keep visiting us as we have a lot more for you.
      Thanks and enjoy the data 🙂

  9. guy pls am begging can u help me generate at least 4 imels so i can do the cheat …the imels should be both for jnfinix and R7 pls am begging….
    i have been trying since 5 days now and its painful ….send me via [email protected]….anyways d post is gr8…love u and am telling all my classmates to visit d site

  10. please it keeps saying “my device is not eligible for this offer”; i’m using infinix zero and i’ve followed the steps…thanks

  11. pls mr Larry Frank. I’ve bn very blessed through u timely update. see, I av subscribed to this tweat and was given 1.5gb and exactly after a month it was exhausted, now I tried the same process to get another 1.5gb with the same Etisalat Sim I used last month but i was not given the MB. pls I need Ur help on what to do……[email protected] ………. thanks Frank

  12. i hav generated my imei, pls i dnt knw hw to change it in my nokia x. i hav tried using mobile uncle but i dnt see d option of changin my imei dia…tnks in anticipation

  13. hello bros thanks for the code have change the imel but when i send the code it said you have a pending request pls wait for confirmnation and i hav not seen any since

  14. I tried all ur procedure, but still it wasn’t going Larry, d message sent to me was sorry u re not eligible to use dis offer something like, dat, and u said dat mean another person as used d IMEI no, can u plz tell me d one dat z sure 100 percent, and a way dat will be easy, on my mail @ [email protected], thanks for always be dere Larry,

  15. I must say this is a well explained procedure. I got every bit of it. But at the end, after I had type the new imei number in mobile uncle app under CDS. It displayed “This command is not allowed in UserBuild”. Please what do I do? Please see to this Mr Larry. Thank you.

  16. pls bro help me on hw to change my HTC one XL imel cox d mobile uncle is nt displaying d… engineer mode (MTK) it only display… engineer mode (Android) hw cn I change it mode (MTK ) when I go to d imel backup it replies (not supported)

  17. Plz bro, I av done everything including d imei tweaking. I sent MID go 8186 but I ain’t getting any response. Is anytn d problem…. Plz I nid ur reply urgently.


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