I’ve written several articles on How to Unlock Modems, but yesterday, I got a mail from one of oscarmini.com avid readers asking me on how he could unlock his ZTE MF190 Modem. After several minutes of searching for an Unocker to perform this operation, I came across DC Unlocker.

unlock zte mf190 mf180 mf110 mf673u and other zte modems

DC Unlocker has been tested and confirmed to Unlock Most of the ZTE MF series such as MF110, MF190, MF180, MF673u and many more. Straight to the point, here is how to use DC Unlocker to Unlock any of  the following Modems;

ZTE MF110, MF190, MF180, MF67

How to Unlock ZTE Modems Stated Above

  • Firstly Download DC UNLOCKER HERE to your PC
  • Now insert the unsupported SIM card into the Modem, and attach your Modem to your PC USB hub.
  • Click and Run the DC Unlocker (make sure no internet connection is made).
  • Under Manufacturer select ZTE Datacard, in Select Model leave it at Auto Detect.
  • Click on the Search Button which is in form of a Magnifying glass, then your Modem would be detected.
  • Once your ZTE Modem is detected, you can now proceed to click on Unlock.

It would take a few seconds and your ZTE MF110, MF190, MF180, MF67 would be successfully unlocked. You can now use any other SIM on the Modem.
Incase you do not know how to Configure your Modem to make use of other Nerwork Providers read How to Configure Modems to Nigerian Network Service Provider.

I hope you did enjoy this little tutorial on how to unlock the ZTE MF190 Modem using DC Unlocker. Feel free to ask questions if you come across any and also tell us your various experiences while unlocking modems.


  1. Hi Oscar!! plz I unlocked my glo netpro (ZTE MF110) modem with DC CRAP Unlocker. I used it and it worked with every sim card. But about 3 months after, it stopped detecting every sim card I insert even glo sim. It doesn’t indicate green light anymore at the other end, the red light is always constant. Plz help me. What should I do to fix it?


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