Popularly referred to as Insta-stores, Instagram stories if you ask me is one of the most intuitive features of Instagram, it lets users share content that their followers can see, without being affected by the non-chronological nature of Instagram. Stories are presented in the order they were uploaded.  Instagram also lets users mute the stories they don’t want to appear on their stories block. Muting an unmuting Instagram stories is a very easy thing to do, but many people find it hard to unmute stories they have muted. In this article, we explore a comprehensive tutorial on how to unmute an Instagram story they muted.

How To Unmute An Instagram Story

How To Unmute An Instagram Story

There are 3 ways to mute or unmute anyone’s Instastory.  If you know precisely whose Instastory you have muted, you only have to head to their profile and search for “unmute.”  “Unmute” will be seen under the individual’s name and above their Highlights – i.e, the stories they have decided to keep on their profile.

A note with “You have muted [Instagram name]’s story” will be seen. Just click on “Unmute,” which you will see close to the note. The individual’s stories will then be visible on your Story Feed again. This is the quickest way to unmute.

The final result will be similar if you click “Options,” which is the 3 dots in the upper right corner of the person’s Instagram profile. After clicking “Options,” choose Mute. When that is done, a fresh window will be seen asking if you wish to:

  1. Mute that person’s posts
  2. Mute/Unmute their story
  3. Exit options.

Choose “Unmute” from the displayed window and their Instastories will immediately be unmuted.

The 3rd and last way to unmute a person’s story is by sliding to the end of your Story Feed where you will see the muted stories. You will notice that those stories do not possess the regular red circle around them. Rather, they will be totally pale.

Click and hold one of those Instastory circles and a fresh window will appear. It will allow you to see the individual’s profile and unmute their story, so click on the 2nd option.

This method is useful if you cannot remember who you have muted or if you are unable to find their profile on Instagram.


How To Pause Instagram Stories

As soon as you click a person’s Instastory, it will last just for some seconds. This can be annoying if you wished to take your time and view the story once more.

Fortunately, the story can be paused before the next one replaces it by clicking and holding on your display. This freezes the timer and the story will not be replaced.

But, if the story was a clip, getting this done will freeze the clip on the frame that you clicked on.

There you have it – a comprehensive tutorial on how to unmute an Instagram story. If you have any questions, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.


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