It is really possible to update your AVG Antivirus to the Latest Virus Definitions without connecting to the internet but by using a USB disk drive or CD Rom Disk. Here is a simple guide to do that.

avg offline update

Udating AVG without Internet Connection

Firstly you have to access a PC that has internet connection, then down load the latest Virus definitions to the PC from HERE. Now copy the file into your USB flash drive and copy it into the target PC (the computer you wish to update its AVG Antivirus).

  1. Launch the AVG Antivirus on your PC
  2. Now in the Menu bar, choose Tools Update From Directory
  3. A new window would pop up, use it to navigate to the place you copied the Virus Definition earlier on and select the file
  4. You’ll get a message saying “Update Has Finished Successfully”

And that’s it. You have successfully updated your AVG Antivirus to the latest Virus Definition without an Active Internet Connection.


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