Social Networks have always been an effective way to drive traffic to your blog as all bloggers would quite agree, and twitter is one of the Leading Social networks available now for huge traffic to blogs and websites.

how to update rss on twitter automatically

Won’t you love to get some traffic juice from the twitter micro blogging social network? If your answer to this question is Yes, then here is a tutorial that would guide you on how to update your twitter wall with the latest post on your blog immediately the blog post is made. And on thing about this method is that, it is automated once you set it up.

Considering this brings Feedburner into play. Feedburner is essentially an add-on service powered By Google for your blog that tracks people who subscribe to your blog using RSS.

RSS is a web technology that simply means “really simple syndication” It gives different programs the ability to pick blog post and recent updates from your blog using it (RSS) as a medium.  If someone subscribes to your RSS feed using feedburner, they get an email notification with the latest post you made, and it happens almost immediately you publish the article. Thus we are going to make use of the free Feedburner program in this course.

Now To Publish your blog posts on your twitter account from feedburner, just follow the below Procedures.

Publishing Blog Post To Twitter Automatically

  1. Login to your feedburner dashboard with your Google account.
  2. Locate the feed you want to add to your twitter, Click on “Publicize” at the top of the page. Then locate the “Socialize” at the left side bar of the page then click on it Like the Image Below.Feedburner to Twitter
  3. After Clicking on It, You will See the twitter configuration page as below, Connect your Twitter account which you would like to publish your blog feed, and authorize it on twitter authorization page, then come back and make other necessary Configurations and Save!Update Twitter from feedburner

Wow, that’s how easy it is to update and publish your blog post of twitter automatically without stress. If you encounter any issue, let us know using the comment form below. I hope this helps.



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