I sure believe that every blogger wants to have his or her blog on their own custom domain name. It’s just like you having your own brand over the internet. The advantages of using a custom domain blog is far beyond this alone, search engines tend to respect blogs at top level domain more than they do for subdomain blogs, some advert PPC and other related publishing platforms that give you the opportunity to earn money online also won’t accept a subdomain blog and that’s where the need to use a custom domain name with your blogger blog arises.

You must have been asking this one question if you are new to blogging ang blogger

How do I use custom domain name for my blogger blog?

how to use custom domain name with blogger

Here is a guide to teach you how to do it own your own.

How to point a domain to blogger

1. Firstly, you need to purchase the domain name from a domain registrar and this won’t cost you more than $13 per year.

2. You need to login to your domain Control Panel and locate your DNS (Domain Name System) settings in order to update your “CNAME” and “A record” to point to blogger.

In the NAME box enter “www” and where you see Host Name type in ghs.google.com.

The A-records
The A-records is quite optional. It helps to link your naked domain eg. (mysite.com) to your actual site (www.mysite.com). If you skip this step, visitors who leave off the “www” will see an error page.
Enter your domain name in this format mysite.com, and enter the I.P. addresses shown below in the “A” section. This implies that you’ll need to create four separate A-records which point to four different Google IPs.
And you are done with your domain settings. It’s time to move to blogger.

3. Now you need to log in to your Blogger Account.

4. Click on the “Setting” Tab and now Go to “Publishing” settings.

5. Click on the button “Switch to: Custom Domain”.

6. Now you havve to input your domain information.

7. Save your setting and you’re done!

See how simply it is. You have successfully pointed your custom domain name to your blogger blog.

There are instances when you purchase doamain names alone without hosting and Domain Registrars won’t give you the capability to Edit the DNS CNAME and A-records, in such situations, you are to contact your Domain Registrar to point your Domain names to blogger.

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  1. Hi Oscar,

    I have this blog I bought a custom domain for on Blogger. for me to direct the domain to the blog now gives me problem.

    my hosting site is hostingvisa.com and it only has Nameservers. Nothing like CNAME or A Records, please how do I link the domain. I have tried my best inserting blogspot nameserver to the host site but its not working. could you please assist me on this?

    • Hi SSquareTec,
      I would advice you contact your webhost support to help you on this. They would probably have a workaround on this. Please do let me know how you went about it.

      • My webhost is from Philippine, I try giving my blogspot details for them to help linking it but due to the Security Questions that Google ask when any suspicious logins occurs, they told me they can’t login and the security question isn’t working and I find it every hard to change it here. I think I need a NIGERIAN that can help me.


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