Feedburner is no doubt the best free website feed serving platform and one thing that amazes me is the fact that it comes with lots of rich capabilities attached.

setting up a custom subdomain for feedburner

I’ve been using feedburner to power my RSS feed on this blog since it’s inception and guess what, I decided to add a custom subdomain to point to my feedburner, and it turned out to work. You can find our feeds via feeds.oscarmini.com/oscarmini . In this little tutorial, I will be guiding you through how you can also set up a custom subdomain to point to your feedburner address.

Note: You must have a feedburner account and address already set up for your blog before this can work for you.

Setting Up Subdomain for Feeds In Blogger

  1. Login to your feedburner dashboard and click on My Account at the top right of the dashboard page.
  2. Click on MyBrand on the left side bar that loads, follow the steps spelt out by copying the address for CNAME that would be given to you.
  3. Login to your domain registrar and create a CNAME record with name as feeds.yourdomain.com pointing to CNAME as the address you copied earlier.
  4. Wait for few minutes to propagate, then paste feeds.feedburner.com in the box provided at feedburner on the MyBrand page and Activate.

How To Set Up For WordPress

It is easier in this case as all you need do is follow step 1 and 2, then in 3

  • Login to your cPanel, click on Simple DNS Zone Editor and select the domain you wish to add the CNAME record to.
  • In the section that reads Add CNAME Record, type “feeds” without quotes in NAME and the  copied address from feedburner in CNAME. Then click on Add Record.
  • Wait for the address to propagate.
  • Go back to the MyBrand Page on Feedburner and type in feeds.yourdomain.com and click on Activate.

Hurray!! You have successfully activated the custom domain feeds.yourdomain.com for feeds on your blog. This is really great as it adds a branded feel to your audience.



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