We all need a good night’s sleep to recharge our bodies, but not all of us can jump on the bed and sleep off easily seeing as sleep disorders like insomnia are no longer rare, especially nowadays. But, have you ever attempted using mobile applications to help you sleep better? You should. If you are fed up of your always open, weary eyes, meditation, drinking tea, technology can come to your rescue. Lets cut to the chase and reveal our list of Android And iOS Apps To Help You Sleep Better:

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1. Nature Sounds Relax And Sleep

How will you like resting to the sound of nature? Nature Sounds Relax and Sleep app for Android for your Android device does exactly that and vows not just to bring sleep but to also keep you relaxed throughout the day via the sounds of the sea, forest, snow, birds, waterfalls, crickets e.t.c.

2. Relax Melodies

Music amazingly aids your productivity, and then your rest too. With this Relax Melodies application for your iPhone and Android device, there are fifty options of ambient sounds alongside sounds of sea, rain,

trains plus some binary beats that will improve your relaxation, sleep health and kick insomnia out of your life. It also lets users mix sounds and provide some sort of timer to set when it should be active.

3. Long Deep Breathing

There is more to boosting relaxation that only ambient music and sounds. Long Deep Breathing for your iOS devices possesses small breathing exercises that can help you rest better and take away every stress you must’ve put yourself through during the day. The app is useful is great for yoga exercises too.

4. Relax & Sleep Well Hypnosis

If the stress at your company is affecting your mind, this application which works on both Android and iOS pledges to keep you relaxed. This will be achieved via its self-hypnosis method, which includes an audio text read in English by the application’s designer, who is a British hypnotherapist named Glenn Harrold.

5. Sleepmaker Rain

There are only a few things more amazing than sleeping in the rain you will agree? This is what Sleepmaker Rain for iOS will provide. This app gives you 20 tracks simulating the sound of the rain, in several intensities which could be weak, medium or strong. It is a beautiful sleeping aid.

There you have it – a comprehensive tutorial on how to use Android and iOS apps to make you sleep better. If you have any question, feel free to drop them in the commment section below.


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