Android is Google’s money maker. And it is looking like Google will do all it can to keep it close. Therefore, before deciding to choose Google alternatives, the first thing to do is to get rid of Google services from your Android phone. Be aware that this process is you letting go of Google services and applications you have always enjoyed, including Google apps, Google Now, Google Assistant e.t.c.

How to use Android without Google services

Right now, there are several ways to do away with Google on your Android device, they include:

1. You can pause the Google services.
2. You can remove the account.
3. You can reset the entire phone.
4. Installation of a Custom ROM.

1. Pause Google Services

Pausing all the Google services can be achieved when you do this:

1. Uninstall or turn off all the Google Apps.
2. Review your personal Google Account activity controls.
3. Pause the Location and Web monitoring.
4. Disable Google account sync.
5. Disable Google Assistant.

Do not forget that Google can still have access to your digital footprints, courtesy of other applications, therefore it is vital to disengage 3rd party apps from your Google account. Or, you can log in with other accounts like Yahoo or Facebook.

2. Remove Google Account

Another step you can take to make use of your Android without Google is by the complete removal of the Google Account. Head to your phone’s account settings, click on your Google and then Remove account.

Remember that this will take away login alongside all its services. But there are some applications which may need you to go the manual route, like Google Chrome or Google Pay.

3. Reset The Entire Phone

If you want Google out of your life, one of the best solutions is resetting your phone totally. But formatting is not the complete fix. After resetting the phone, you will need to shun every Google “diagnostic” and “improve your device” requests.

By so doing, Google will not be aware that you are using an Android phone, except if an effective monitoring system is being used, which is unlikely.

4. Installing A Custom ROM

Any idea about custom ROMs? So many users know about them, but what many have failed to realize is that at times, Custom ROMs can rescue you from Google’s watchful eyes. For instance, Lineage OS functions amazingly without needing a Google account. As you download Custom ROMS, you are urged to download GApps.

Google will not provide Google apps in it’s Android Open Source Project (Free Android firmware for developers). Therefore users will need to download GApps package which will bring Google apps to them.

Although to have a Google-free ROM, you will need to shun the GApps package as you download a Custom ROM.

Even if it is the best option to get rid of Google on your phone and make use of Android without Google, the external ROM step is not so easy to carry out. Installing Custom ROM will infringe upon device warranty rights also.


These are the several options to go for instead of Google.

1. Google Search Alternative – DuckDuckGo
2. Google Chrome Web Browser Alternatives – Brave browser, DuckDuckGo browser
3. Google Play Store Alternatives – F-droid, APKMirror
4. Google Assistant Alternatives – Alexa, Cortana, Amazon Alexa.
5. Google Apps Alternatives – Google Maps can be replaced with HereWeGo Maps, Google Keyboard can be replaced with Switfkey, Google Gmail can be replaced with Astro Mail – Intelligent Email and Calendar.

There you have it – a comprehensive tutorial on how to Android without Google services. The procedure is as easy as read. If you have any questions, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.


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