Most people love blackberry phones because of its numereous features,while some too, don’t like it but the chat (BBM) get’s them attracted, I am an example of such people, i really don’t think i’ll have any thing to do with blackberry devices, i refer them to smart toys rather than smart phones. “Just joking”, BlackBerry fans don’t get mad at me.

Due to my interest it the BlackBerry chat, not wanting to purchase a BlackBerry device i decided to find a way i would use this chat without a blackberry, know i’ve just found how i can use BBM on my PC.

I know sharing this tutorial will be of great help to people of my kind who don’t seem to like blackberry.

Below are what this tutorial requires

1. Android SDK. (you can get it here.)
*. BBM APK. (you can get it here.)

If you’ve just downloaded the above requirements, we should keep the ball rolling.
Follow The Steps Below To Run BBM(.apk) On You PC
Step 1. You will need to go to open the SDK Manager from the extracted adt-bundle folder.

Step 2. Now open your window and select Tools Manange AVDs…

Step 3. Create a new Android Virtual Device with RAM greater than 512 MB and then start the created Virtual Device.

Step 4. The downloaded BBM should now be copied to the Extracted Folder /sdk/platform-tools/.
This is how the files folder link should be /sdk/platform-tools/BBM.apk

Step 5.. After copying move to the folder /sdk/platform-tools/ using file explorer.

Step 6.. Now Select File and Open Command Prompt within the platform-tools folder.4. And then just enter the command in the command prompt without the quote “adb install BBM.apk”

Step 7. Wait for some munites and your BBM will be installed.
Now your BBM is installed, lunch the app from the App launcher. And you are good to go.


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