BIS Plans are just the cheapest Means of surfing the internet and Many people have been enjoying it.

Expecially Non-Blackberry Users.. But recently, Many Android Users Complained that MTN stopped them from accessing the internet with BIS Due to a Reason Best Know to Them..

Introducing DroidVPN to you all. A system that lets you unblock and access any site you want, automatically encrypt all your network traffic, and make yourself anonymous.
How To Use BIS On Your Android Device
DroidVPN Has The following Awesome Features:
Key Features of DroidVPN=>

*. Just Simple One Tap to Connect to VPN Server
*. No Restriction on the Speed at all
*. Fully Works With GPRS and Wi-fi Hot Spots
*. Full Internet Traffic Encryption
*. ICMP Tunneling
*. Unblocks Websites
*. Provides Dynamic IP Range
*. User Friendly Interface and Very Convinent to Use
*. Uses Multiple Servers For You To Use DroidVPN,

Below are the Requirements::
Requirements to Use DroidVPN

*. Your Android Phone Should Be Rooted
*. Android Version Must Be ( Android 2.1 or Above Required )
*. Connectivity Through Wi-fi , 3G ,EDGE

Now Back On The Main Topic..
Step 1.
If You have an active subscribtion that stopped, You will be Required to Make a 2hr MTN daily subscribtion by sending 2H in an sms to 131.
If you dont have any, you can make a new subscribtion

Step 2.
Register a DroidVPN Free account by going to

Step 3.
Download DroidVPN app from Google Play Store or from their website.

Step 4.
Install and run DroidVPN then it will redirect you to download tun.ko

Step 5.
After downloading Tun.ko, Open DroidVPN again and change the Protocol to ICMP from the settings Area because that is the Protocol MTN Uses

Step 6.
Input your Login Details in the Space Provided i.e your Email and password sent to your email.
How To Use BIS On Your Android Device
Step 7.
After a successful login, Click on Start and after a short while, You wiill see that you have been connected asin in the photo below.
How To Use BIS On Your Android Device
Now You are ready to go!!! You can Start Using Your MTN BIS again on your android Device

Note: If you are using a free account, You are limited to a data cap of 100MB per day. To bypass this Limitation, You need to upgrade to premium User.


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