How long will this competition last in among Nigeria’s data service providers? The report reaching us tells that MTN has released yet another value packed data plan which gives users 7GB of data at a far cheap price tag of N2,000. Too good to be true right? This plan is called the “TECH+ 100% DealZone”. I know you all will be amazed at this and will sure want to go for it. But remember that there are still other data plans that can compete with this, such as the new cheap glo data plans that gives you 10GB for N2,500. Though in my area glo is nothing to write home aboutmtn-7gb-for-n2000

How to Subscribe the New MTN 7GB for N2,000

Make sure you have upto 2000 naira on your sim card, then send “2016” without the quote in an SMS to 131. You’ll receive a confirmation SMS.

What are The Restrictions?

We’ve taken a whole lot of time to analyse this new 7GB data plan and found that it has no restriction whatsoever. It can be used both day and night, it also supports 3G network unlike some cheap data plans that support 2G network alone. This new data plan is valid for 30 days, and that’s a huge value for your N2,000.

For now, we are not still sure if this new data plan is a promo or permanent one, so let’s enjoy it while it lasts and watch what MTN is up to next.


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