For the lovers of the blackberry smartphones, i’m going to teach you a little tip to use on your blackberry phones in order to turn it into a flashlight when the need arises.

Actually the logic we are to implement is turning your camera flash light into the torch itself. I guess you understand how it works and you too can try it out for yourself.

How To Convert Your Blackberry Phone Into A Torch

Follow the procedures below to turn your blackberry bold into a torch.

Step 1: Open the home menu of your blackberry phone, then go to Video Camera under Applications.

turn your blackberry phone into a flash light

Step 2: Once you are in the Video Camera interface, press the SPACE key, it would automatically TURN ON your camera flash light.

I hope you did enjoy this little tutorial of turning your blackberry phone into a torchlight.



  1. Nice post Oscar !
    Many people in the world don’t know the fact that the flash of a mobile phone can function as a torch ..although this can consume lot of energy from your battery . Anyways , thanks for sharing the information .


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