If the recent score benchmark on ANTuTu for the HTC 10 is something to go by, then the HTC 10 is the most powerful smart phone yet with a whopping 156,091 score on the ANTuTu benchmark 6. No smart phone has come this high.

HTC 10 most powerful android device

The smartphone, of course, has not yet been presented, hence it can not be ruled out that the photograph has been specially modified by some advocate, by the same manufacturer or any other person for purposes thirds. However, if the score were to be confirmed, the new top of the range Taiwanese will be able to sweep all competition from Android and iOS device.

We just have to look forward to next April. Also according to the image portrayed, the new terminal will be more powerful than many other competitor out there, including Xiaomi MI5, Samsung Galaxy S7 and iPhone 6S. Compared with the second place in the standings, the gap is of 19,216 points, and grows even more the gap with the third-ranked Samsung home, reaching 21,492 points difference.


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