It is now obvious that the successor to the HTC One Android smartphone is around the corner as photos of the nicknamed ‘HTC M8‘ leaked and has been shared on several social media networks by phone geeks around the globe.

One amazing thing to note about the M8 is the fact that it’s built in shape to look like the HTC One but only to have to two carved camera lens openings at the rear.

htc m8 leaked images

Internet rumors has it that one of the openings is likely a fingerprint sensor, but that would really seem an awkward position to station a sensor. Though we are not yet sure when this mobile demon would be launched, we hope it comes up soon.


  1. Oscar,

    I have consistently argued that the HTC brand is perhaps the only Chinese cell phone worth considering….and the HTC 1 dearly needs a successor!

    And it’s about time to budget some dough for a new phone. What do you think?



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