A team of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) researchers have commenced and about concluding a research project that will enable our bodies charge up our smartphones as we walk.

Research at MIT aims to develop innovative solutions to the world’s most daunting challenges. Hence with the evolution of the smartphone age, our major may just be how to charge these toys. So being a power supply channel to your smartphone wouldn’t be a bad idea. Wait, don’t laugh yet, this is how it will work.

human smartphone mobile charger while you walk

You know that when you walk your body generates mechanical energy. This mechanical energy can be converted into electricity (That’s what the electric generator in your home does after all). So two thin sheets of lithium alloys will act as electrodes, they would be separated by a layer of porous polymer that has been soaked in liquid electrolyte.
This is an efficient design for moving lithium ions between the two metal sheets while they are attached to sensors on your joints in other to absorb mechanical energy when you walk.

The researchers have said for the smartphones to get a good charge we will have to walk for a while. As at the time of this post they have already achieved 15% success in this and a 100% success is envisaged soon, after which the “humans charge phones” devices will go commercial. But until then, we keep our fingers crossed.



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