It is quite obvious that every blogger in recent times has began to turn their heads towards the path of affiliate marketing because it has got better earning potentials than the CPM and CPC ads which were once highly adored.

But the problem most bloggers face in affiliate marketing is making their first sale and also getting more sales through their links. It can be quite frustrating when you place links to products and do not make any sales, and this is usually caused by a couple of factors which you need to know.

how to boost your affiliate sales

At the end of this article, I’ll give you simple yet effective guiding steps that would help you boost your affiliate sales. You will surprised at how simple they are and why you never thought of them earlier. Below are the tips to increase affiliate sales.

5 Steps To Boost Affiliate Sales

1. Build Up Your Reputation

The truth about this whole issue is that no person would want to give their hard earned money to someone they barely even know in the name of buying stuff, and this is the simple reason why you need to build up your reputation and gain trust from your readers in order to get them buy things you recommend.

Their are a couple of ways to build up and gain trust from your readers which include;

  • Use a premium theme with nice color customization on your blog.
  • Create an About Me page so your readers know who you are.
  • Give away 80% of what you know for free.
  • Share the good and the bad.
  • Learn to share true monetization strategies.
  • Learn to accept criticism and apologize when necessary.

Following the above laid down rules would gain you trust before your blog visitors and it’s the first step to kicking off any affiliate marketing campaign on your blog.

2. Products Review Writing

Placing links to various products which you promote might not really convert as well as writing a review on the product where you let your readers know the benefits and why they must grab a copy of that product.

It is often necessary that you have made use of the product before recommending it to them, this is because you will have a proper knowledge on the product and know if it would suit their need. Most times, people do not check out products before recommending them, and if it turns out to be a bad one for your readers, it would definitely mar the trust that took you so long to build up and once it’s gone, it’s always difficult to gain it again.

Writing a Review on the product improves your chances of getting more sales since your readers would find out why they need it and that you too have tried it out.

3. Start Guest Posting

Of course you must have known the power of guest posting if you have tried it out. Not only does it drive new traffic, but it also does increase your reader-base and also the number of people who will have trust in you.

In fact, guest posting on other blogs will attract a whole number of new traffic, and once someone gets to see you featured on different blogs, it gains you credibility before them and this in turn increase your chances of getting more sales because they would believe whatsoever you recommend as the best. Try out guest blogging and you sure won’t regret you did.

4. Giving Discount Coupons

If you can create the impression that you love giving your readers the chance to get the products you promote at a cheaper price rate, they’ll love you more for that. This usually skyrockets the number of sales bloggers make.

You can make use of your blog sidebar and other strategic positions to display the latest discount coupons and your affiliate links for their purchases. This is another working strategy that most bloggers use in making huge affiliate sales on their blogs.

5. Leverage SEO

Most people make use of the search engines to get what they want. If you are an affiliate to the product they are in search of, you could make a whole lot of income from search engine traffic because they are always ready to buy.

Working on your Product Reviews On-Page and Off Page SEO is the key to increasing your SE rank and in turn your sales. Search Engine Optimization is really of great importance when it comes to affiliate marketing and is a major tool to increase your sales in the long run.

Now Your Turn

Trust is a major factor that plays a role in the rate at which you make affiliate sales on your blog as you can see. Other factors mentioned also contribute to increase in sales if properly used. What are you waiting for? Start right away and earn the income you deserve by implementing the above mentioned tips. Do not forget to share your views below.

Happy Affiliate Marketing.


  1. Hey Oscar,

    Nice write mate. I think it is all about the reputation. Having good reputation is vital to create trust. If you are those kind of small sellers, people might not buy from you due to trust.

    Also, absolutely right about the SE. Without good ranking, you are not going to make any sales or even traffic to generate one.

    Well written mate!

  2. Hi Oscar,

    I do agree with your points, however I find that giving coupon codes is the best way to increase your sales, specially if you manage to offer an exclusive discount coupons, Thanks for sharing this article.

  3. Most people prefer to buy from people with good reputation.I think reputation along with good handling of potential customers is what differentiates a successful affiliate from the rest.

  4. Hello Oscar,

    Really I found your blog post very informative for me aswell for all the newbies bloggers who ever want to earn some extra bucks from their blog. Just keep on posting.


  5. Hi Oscar,

    Affiliate marketing has proved to be the best monetization method. Once you learn how to sale products, you have more money to earn.

    You’ve rightly pointed out. The trust is the first requirement for your success and building reputation increases the trust. I also liked how you focused guest blogging as a means of increasing your trust and convert into more sales.

  6. Hi,

    Building reputation and trust is the first and major part of Affiliate Marketing. People will not buy from someone who will just write an review or promote a product online. So building good rapport and solving the visitors problem will help us to get some sales from it.

  7. I think the first point is the main key to earn a decent income from affiliate sales….’Build up the Reputation’…..all the other things won’t make a difference if you can’t earn the trust of the readers and search engine bots…..its the first and foremost thing for sure….I always feel affiliate marketing is the best way to earn money from a blog simply because it doesn’t have any limits whatsoever……Thanks dude for writing a complete post about it……

  8. Hey buddy,
    I agree with your first point, reputation and it really has a viral effect. Must not be underestimated, others are great points but reputation wins. You’re also right about SEO, the more the organic traffic the higher the sales. Good write up, keep it up buddy.

  9. building reputation is perhaps the most challenging task. you must effectively demonstrate that you blog not only because you want to sell something but because you want to give something useful for them.. reputation may also includes how to brand yourself to your audience

  10. Hey Oscar
    Recently i have entered to affiliate marketing but still I’m having an small issue with my product promotions but do i have an question which affiliate networks works better and how to choose one

    • Hi Shameem,
      Talking about which works well depends on your personal experience. You could make your research and let us know pal. I would soon write on that when i’m done with experimenting.
      Thanks for your time.

  11. Hello Oscar Frank,

    Affiliate sales has become most powerful source of earning nowadays from your blog as it has more money then CPM, CPC etc. Your described methods are really good for getting good affiliate marketing sales. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    ~Ganesh Narayan Gupta

  12. Thanks for sharing..! That a wonderful tips to increase affiliate selling. I have tried some guest post and it is really taking effecitve of traffic. Also, I love the building reputation because it is the best for boost more sales


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