The Infinix Hot Note no doubt has proven so far to be one of the most sold smartphones in the Nigerian android market this year and as if that isn’t enough, Infinix mobile has decided to give more value to this device with a relaunch.

Are you wondering what new features would be brought to the makeover of this device? Well, if you thought of the RAM, then you guessed right. As a result of several request from Infinix fans, the new version of the Infinix Hot Note would be coming with a RAM of 2GB, which is twice the size of the former hot note.

Infinix Hot Note with 2GB RAM

The main benefit of having a large chunk of RAM on your smartphone, such as the 2GB RAM is simple. It means more apps can stay open in the background, reducing the endless opening/closing cycle that can make using a slower, less capable smartphone a tedious exercise in staring at a wide range of rotating “loading” icons.

It also mean games, which always benefit from having more memory to help them run smoothly, will work better, plus you’ll also be able to keep your play sessions alive in memory. So switching from a game to Twitter won’t dump you back to the “Press Start” screen and lose your progress.

For sure, this would compliment the other features on the Infinix Hot Note as you know comes with 16GB ROM, 8 + 2MP rear and front facing camera respectively, 4000mah battery and 5.5 LED displays. Also, this device is upgradeable to Lollipop.

What do you think of this device?



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