If you claim not to have heard of these two brands (Tecno and Infinix), you probably must have been living under the rocks. The question that causes squabble in Nigeria’s mobile market is “Infinix VS Tecno, who’s the boss”. I’m not going to criticize any of these brands nor will I in any way be at the side of any of both, but I’ll lay my points and let you be the judge. We’ll be more concerned on this year’s releases.

infinix vs tecno


In just about four years, the Hong Kong based company has proven to be one of the giant mobile brand in Nigeria and Africa at large. Infinx devices are known for being sleek, despite the fact that they release awesome devices, they also know how to make their customers squeeze out money to purchase their devices.

Just this year, infinix has released quite some astounding devices, from the Hot 3 which is awesome and will not cost you much. Yes your low budget can get you one. Although this device didn’t give them the satisfaction they wanted, as they went ahead to release the Hot 3 LTE which is an upgrade of the Hot 3 as it possesses almost double capacity of all the features in the Hot 3 and it comes with Android marshmallow out of the box. The hit for infinix this year was the Zero 3 this device is one that crushes its rivals. It landed in a grand style as it came with a 20.7MP camera which almost none of its competitors had come up with. Aside that, it featured a 3GB of random access memory which is thrice that on the iPhone 6.


Tecno is readily set to take over the mobile market in Nigeria. They know how to force their customers deep their hands in their purses. Just this month Tecno has released two phones that are still trending in the mobile market despite the time gap between them.

Tecno started with DroiPad 7C Pro, which is so affordable, and they moved ahead to releasing the Boom J8 which is a successor to the boom J7 and it’s awesome for music lovers as it comes with a Boom Headset. Tecno also released the W4 which comes with Android marshmallow out of the box. The recent release is the Tecno L8 that comes with a monster battery, and trust me, that alone is a pass for tecno as battery life span is a core consideration before purchasing a device.

I’ll like to hear from you what you think about this article. Tecno Vs Infinix, which do you prefer?

Alongside drop your views, critics and votes for this two brands that are Lords among their rivals in Nigeria and Africa at Large.


  1. Hmmmm, in my opinion o, you didn’t really do any review of comparison. You just told us what we all basically know. You get? It is not logical to compare HTC one to LG G4. What you should have done ws to bring one phone each, that are amost similar in terms of specs and features and then do a form of comparison on them. For example, J8 and Hot 3…well, we know the one that carries the day.

    • Hello Kemi,
      Thanks for stopping by on my blog, if you had read from the article from the first paragraph, I said I wouldn’t be criticizing any of this brands nor will I try to back any up, I just had to give a brief run down of what they’ve been up to this year and let my readers give their opinions.
      I’m so glad you said what you thought was right. Considering your opinion, I’ll be writing an article relating to that in the nearest time.
      Thanks for stopping by and do have a wonderful day ahead.

    • Why do I get the feeling that you are going to say Tecno J8? Well you might be right tho’ But I think Infinix is cool too.

      • Pepple, Infinix is awesome, so is Tecno, the both brand are striving so hard to take over the mobile market in Africa, but I stand on a neutral ground here, both are awesome. 🙂

  2. I Rep infinix back to back. every of their device was a hit. The Zero 3 got me loving them more.
    Infinix forever ooo. Who Tecno Epp?

  3. When you talk of smart phones, what comes to my mind is the infinix brand, I began using infinix phones early last year, and up till now I have used 5 of them, without complain.
    Infinix take the lead.

  4. Whenever you want to talk about the boss between this two people, TECNO remains the boss. Infinix sucks jare

  5. Comparing both the two smart product which is TECNO vs INFINIX both of them are good,but in terms of Quality,strong battery,well arange Apps,then INFINIX is the best phn than tecno,but both of them are doing their best it depend on the Quality u need and choose


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