It’s no news that the Infinix Team have something to unveil in no time, we’ve all been waiting in expectation for them to open the box, every lover of sleek smart phones are wondering what features this device has to offer, the news is on the air even on social media platforms where the hash tag #TheNextHero trends.


Infinix Team is yet to reveal any information about this device’s abilities, we are still on assumption and I think this could be a rebranding of the Infinix hot, this device is on the lips of a lot of people in Nigeria, due to the impart Infinix has created in the mobile market in Nigeria, in just a few years of arrival.

Now you can head over to Infinix facebook page as a lot of questions suggestion, and talks concerning this device are being discussed by fans. So many users and fans have said their suggestions of the kind of feature they expect to come with this new device.

Peter Zhou, the Infinix Mobility head of Marketing say;

“#TheNextHero is about developing conversation with our community of users, who are key to our business . we want to feel their pulse and elicit feedback that could be useful as we finalize and reveal the concept behind the #TheNextHero.”


Stay around, watch out, we’ll keep you updated on how it goes.



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