Innjoo no doubt has become one of the fastest growing mobile brands in the Nigerian market despite it been started in 2014. This time, Innjoo is coming up with something BIG as the smartphone manufacturing company would be launching two massively featured smartphones on Thursday the 21st of May 2015.

The two devices to be launched are definitely going to run the Android operating system and are named the Innjoo Fire and Innjoo Max respectively.

Information sent over to us from the Innjoo team states clearly that the Innjoo Fire would be sporting a 5″ display, 5MP rear plus front facing camera, a 2GB ROM/16GB ROM and a 2500Mah battery. You should also expect textured designs in colors as Classic black, Milk white, Fashion gold and Natural Bamboo.

Innjoo Fire

Now over to the Innjoo Max, we have next to no information so far about this device and would definitely keep you updated with full information about the devices to be launched once we lay our hands on them.

These devices are to be launched on Thursday the 21st of May 2015 and sales would be made exclusively at Jumia online store from the 1st of June through Jumia mobile week. Pricing for the devices would be made known at the launch.

I really can’t afford missing out on the Innjoo fire as I would love to ignite the FIRE PASSION. What do you think?




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