Popular among users, TVTAP is a streaming app that offers users access to over 900 free channels that offer live programs from European countries, the United States, Indian subcontinent and Canada.


Despite the fact that TVTAP is very popular on Android, it can also be installed on the Amazon fire stick. Amazon firestick is a small device, with a shape of a flash drive. When plugged to a smart tv, Amazon fire stick gives you access to a lot of streaming services, which is facilitated by the streaming apps installed on it.

In this article, I am going to be giving a tutorial on how to install TVTAP on your Amazon firestick. since Amazon fire stick can be connected to your television directly, you will be at liberty to access the 900 free channels TVTAP offers directly on your television.

Benefits Of Installing TVTAP

  • Free account
  • Low rate buffering
  • No pop up Ads

How To Install TVTAP On FireStick

  1. Open Fire TV Home Page
  2. Go to settings
  3. Under settings select the option device and then developer option
  4. Still in settings, select option enable apps from unknown sources
  5. Now go back to home screen, open search option and search for the downloader
  6. Open Downloader , Navigate to settings and enable the Javascript
  7. In Downloader homepage, input http://tvtap.net/download.php and select download immediately the page loads.
  8. download easy Firestick tools to your Android smartphone from Google play store
  9. Connect your Android smartphone and Firestick to the same Wifi network
  10. Click on the icon on the top right corner of the Firestick tools apps to begin the search for the Firestick
  11. When Firestick is found, pair Firestick and your Android phone together
  12. Grant permission the various fields needed
  13. On the side load screen of the firestick tools app, click on entry downloads
  14. Select TVTAP installation file and begin TVTAP installation
  15. Installation of TVTAP on the firestick will take about 2 minutes
  16. Navigate to TVTAP app on your Firestick home page and start enjoying over 900 free channels

At this point you might probably be surprised at how easy installing TVTAP is. Installing TVTAP on firestick is as easy as read, just follow these steps carefully and you won’t encounter any problem.


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