Its Good To Kn0w Both Installing Smf with Auto Installer(fantastico deluxe, etc) and Manually Bt This Tutorial Is Basically On How To Install It Manually

Quick tutorial about SMF and how to install it on your server.

First go to in order to download the latest version of SMF. Click over the “Download” icon and save the zipped file on your hard disk.

Locate the zipped file on your Pc and unzip it.

Now upload all the content from the unzipped folder “simple_rss_xxx” ( where xxx is the number version of the installation) to your server using any FTP client (we use as sample Net2ftp but you can use any client ).

Upload all the content as is, don’t change / edit any folder nor file. All data must be uploaded on the directory or folder where you plan to run the board, if you plan to install forums on your domain name just upload to “root” – – – “Public_html” ( on a Cpanel based host ). If you plan to install forums on a subdomain or directory as could be “” the upload all files and folders to the “forums” directory on your server.

Using your browser go to : (if you are going to install forums directly on the domain name ) or ( if you wish install SMF of the “forums” folder instead the root directory ) and follow on screen instructions as follow:

Enter the name of your community.

On the filed for “Forum URL” check if the default URL automatically generated by the installer is right, if not then correct it ( usually you don’t need to edit this field ).

“MySQL Server Settings” :

“MySQL Server Name” : Usually “localhost” .

“MySQL database name” : Enter the required Database name.

“MySQL username” : Enter the required Username to access this Database.

“MySql password” : Enter the required Password for this user.

“MySQL table prefix” : Set up a valid prefix (if you plan to run multiple installations of SMF, if not then just leave the default prefix).

Click “Proceed” in order to continue.

Now it’s time to create your account ( the Admin account in order to manage the board ).

Enter the username you wish to use for the Admin.

Enter the password for this user and re-type it on the second field to validate / correct any misspelling.

Enter the email you wish to use for notifications and messages.

“MySQL Database Password” : In order to validate the installation the installer ask for the password you use to access the database on MySQL (not the password for the Admin account on forums ), enter this info and click “Finish”.

The installation process is complete!, please note that for your security you must change permissions ( chmod ) the installation directory on your server and delete the “install.php” file, check for “Click here to delete this install.php now” option (it may not work on your server, if so then delete it manually from your Cpanel or via your FTP client).

Go to your forum’s url and check for any bug or error….

Alternatively, You Can Download The Latest Script Here: Download Smf


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