phone watchOn TechRibs we’ve written an article on how you can track your lost android phone, but to save you that stress, you can prevent people from stealing your Android phone. You remember when the Galaxy Nexus rolled out the Face Unlock for security, I didn’t have much trust in it as this security feature wasn’t able to differentiate between a real user and the picture of the user. So if your phone protected with the Face Unlock is stolen, the thieves can get your picture and use it to open your phone.

That not being enough for security, TechRibs have brought you some amazing ways to get your android device safe.
See them below:

Fingerprintsandroid fingerprint

This feature has been around for some time. It’s one of the most sure and reliable ways to secure your Android phone. You can get a whole lot of fingerprint scanning apps out there, though we are not sure of them. Better fingerprint security method would come out of the box with your android phone.

TasersAndroid Teaser

One comedic way one can use to keep thieves out of your phone is by installing a small taser on your device that when notices an unauthorized user, shocks them. (Your phones knows they are unauthorized after they must have entered a series of incorrect passwords).
Hope this tutorial was interesting, are there other ways you know one can keep thieves out of their phone, please let us know using the comment box below.

Voice Recognitionvoice recognition

Voice recognition is one other way you could lock thieves outside of your phone. How the Voice recognition tool works is by allowing you use a unique phrase to lock your phone. e.g. “TechRibs”.

3D Facial Mapping3D facial mapping

Face Unlock is great, but as we said earlier, it’s not good enough as thieves can use your pictures to open the phone. But 3D facial mapping would utilize two front facing cameras to map a three-dimensional photograph of them. With this techniques, picture holding thieves will be out of business.


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