So I woke up in the middle of the night, I went to ease my self. On getting back to my bed, I remembered I have not done my assignment, which was to be submitted the next morning by 8:00am. I decided to get the assignment done before morning, so I grabbed my phone, to do some research work. I turned on my data connection, only for me to find out I was out of data and that my subscription has been exhausted.

About to start panicking and feeling depressed, I remembered the keystone bank allows customers to purchase airtime using a specific recharge code and luckily for me, I bank with keystone bank. So I was able to purchase airtime, which I used to buy data to continue my research.

This is the story of many Nigerians who have discovered the ease and convenience of purchasing airtime using keystone recharge code is. If you are still unaware of this service, this article was designed especially for you.

Keystone bank

In this article, I am going to be giving a comprehensive tutorial, on how to purchase airtime on your phone as well as purchasing airtime for phone numbers not registered with keystone bank using your phone.

Why Should You Use keystone Bank Airtime Recharge Code?

With the Keystone bank airtime recharge code, you are at liberty to purchase airtime for your smartphone line 24 hours in the day and 7 days in a week from any of the major network providers in Nigeria (MTN, Glo, 9Mobile and Airtel). You are not constrained by any of those factors that accompany the purchase of airtime from physical retailers.

How To Use keystone Bank Recharge code To Buy Airtime

Purchasing airtime using keystone bank recharge code, is nothing more than a basic function for somebody who has owned a smartphone for more than a month.
The whole process involves you inputting some certain USSD codes and navigating through the service options.
But before you can gain access to this service, there are some requirements:

  • You must have a Keystone bank account
  • You must have linked the phone number with the Keystone bank account you created.
  • You must have sufficient funds in your account

After these requirements have been met, you should also know that the keystone airtime recharge service is of two types;
Recharging for your self and recharging for other lines that are not linked with your keystone bank account.

Purchase Airtime for Your Registered Line via Keystone USSD

To recharge your line,

  • Dial *7111*amount#
  • Or
  • Dial *7111*0#

Purchase Airtime for Your Other Lines via Keystone USSD

  • Dial *7111*amount*phone number#
  • Or
  • Dial *7111*0#

And there you have it. The best guide on the internet to easily purchase Airtime for your registered lines or the phone lines of others using the Keystone Recharge Code USSD from the convenience of your home.

Hope you did find this post helpful.

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