Mobile banking is the most imperative service Nigerians consider when selecting a bank to store their hard earned money. It is for this for this reason that Keystone bank decided to include an efficient mobile banking service in their list of services rendered where a customer can make use of the Keystone Transfer Code for banking transactions.

The keystone mobile banking service offers a faster way of carrying out the majority of bank transactions people carry out on a daily basis. These transactions include fund transfers, keep track of account balance and pay in bills.

Keystone bank

In this article, I am going be giving tutorials on how to use the keystone bank USSD banking service to make fund transfer and how to check your account balance using this service.

Benefits Of Keystone Bank Mobile Money Transfer

  • It is fast and easy to use
  • You can transfer money directly from your mobile phone
  • The whole process is secured with a special PIN
  • This service runs 24 hours in a day and 7 days in a week
  • No need for any internet connection
  • This service works on all mobile phones
  • Instant notification after every transaction
  • You can transfer up to 200,000 Naira per day

How To Transfer Money Using Keystone USSD Transfer Code

The prerequisite to transferring funds with keystone bank, is having knowledge of the right USSD code to dial on your mobile phone.

To transfer funds using Eco bank USSD banking:

  • Dial *7111*Amount*Account Number#
  • Follow on-screen Prompts

Note: Transferring funds between two Keystone bank Accounts, will cost you 10.50 Naira with value-added tax included.
Transferring funds from Keystone Bank to other banks will attract a fee of 52.50 Naira.

How To Check Account Balance Using Keystone Bank USSD

  •  Dial *7111*0#
  • Follow screen Prompts

The information in this article is sufficient to make your mobile fund transfer and keeping track on your account balance stress-free and easy, all you need to do is follow the procedure carefully and there you have the best guide on the Keystone Bank Money Transfer Code. Feel free to let us know if you had any issues with this, otherwise, be kind enough to share this article with your friends.

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