There are modems which are universal, meaning? They allow you use any sim card, so also are they other which ain’t universal, thereby meant to be used for a paticular network, when you buy a new modem that isn’t universal you can also unlock it so as to enable it accept any network sim card just like the universal, but while unlocking you’ll be given 10 chances to unsert the right unlock pin. If the 10 chances has been exhusted you’ll have no other option but to stick to the host network sim card.

But today I bring to you a hot tutorial on how you can reset hauwei unlocker countter back to 10 attempts. Let’s keep the ball rolling.

Learn How To Reset Hauwei Unlock Counter Back To Zero Attempts
N/B: This tutorial only works well with Huwai Modem.

==> Firstly you’ll have to download Modem Unlocker 5.7.7 you can get it Here.

==> Plug in your modem in your PC and extract and Run the Huawei Modem Unlocker

==> Try to choose COM Port one by one and Press READ MDM DATA ( Until the reading RESULT look similar to the above picture.

==> In SERVICE, Check the RESET COUNTER and Press SERVICE. 5. Hurray!! now the unlocking attempt is reset.

Your Huawei counter will be reset back to 10 attempts. Enjoy!


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