There are lots of methods in which one can use to change his/her Android IMEI to BB IMEI ranging from Mobile uncle method, Universal Method and Gravity box method; Though some Android device fail to work with the above method.

Today I’ll show you a method that rules you can change the IMEI of any android using SDK emulator tool; but this method works on only rooted Android devices.

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How To Change Your Android IMEI

? Firstley download Sdk emulator on your PC here

? You will aswell need to download Hex editor here

? Extract the file xvi32_251 from the downloaded package on your PC

? Now run xvi32.exe as administrator

? Goto menu -> File and then click to Open and open “emulator-arm.exe” in C:Programmi (x86) Androidandroid-sdktools

? Once more go to Menu -> Search and click to Find (or you can use Ctrl + F) and find “CGSN”. It will help us to find the IMEI

? Changing the IMEI – Go to first zero and type new code. Make sure that you don’t make any mistake because everything can’t be made alright by just using ‘Delete’

? You can now start virtual machine using AVD cos your IMEI is now changed.

Note that there are lots of methods to do this if this method doesn’t work for you then you can use the nvram writer or wgichsoever method you know about

Important Notification:Before you do this, make sure you have a full back up of your device should in case it get bricked. Also know that changing imei is illegal and you can be arrested..
Whatsoever is the outcome will not be held responsible.



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