Tecno android smartphones have been the rave in the mobile market in recent times. You would not have imagined more since they were able to produce cheap and yet efficient android smartphones which perform reasonable tasks beyond their price tag.

Today I’m compiling a list of all the major Tecno Android smartphones and their current prices in Nigeria if you wish to lay your hands on one. I sure believe you would not regret purchasing one, as I will provide vital information including their specs below.

Tecno Q1 Features/Specs and Price In Nigeria

Tecno Q1 Android Smartphone

The Tecno Q1 is a basic and simple Android smartphone that runs the Android 4.0 ICS OS. It boasts of an internal memory of 512MB and up to 32GB removable card slot. Built with a 5MP primary camera (flash inclusive) also has a secondary camera (0.3MP) which can be used for video calls . It supports dual mini SIM cards and has a QWERTY keyboard operation.

Price Of Tecno Q1: After checking the prices on various marketers, it is sold at an average price of N18,000 ($112)

Tecno P3 Features/Specs and Price In Nigeria

Tecno P3 Android Device

Another cheap android 2.3.5 Gingerbread OS driven smartphone with a 3.2MP primary camera and 0.3MP secondary camera built to support dual Mini SIM of which one supports 3G and the other 2G network. It runs a 512MB  RAM on it’s 1GHz single core processor and 3.5″ capacitive touch screen. You can view a complete Tecno P3 Review here.

Price Of Tecno P3: After checking the prices on various marketers, it is sold at an average price of N15,500 ($100)

Tecno N3 Features/Specs and Price In Nigeria

Tecno N3 Android smartphone

Also a dual Mini SIM supported Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread mobile phone with 3.5″ LCD. It boasts of a 512MB RAM and supports external memory of up to 32GB. Infact the Tecno N3 is the predecessor of the P3, and the Tecno P3 is an upgrade of the N3. The Tecno N3 lacks the secondary camera function but bears most same specs as does the P3.

Price Of Tecno N3: After checking the prices on various marketers slots, we averaged the price to N13,000 ($80)

Tecno D3 Features/Specs and Price In Nigeria

Tecno D3

The Tecno D3 was built with a 3.5″ Touch screen, also supports Dual Mini SIM configuration just like most other Tecno smartphones, and runs the Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread OS like most cheap and smaller Tecno Android smartphones. It is built with a 3MP primary camera and as well a secondary camera. It’s internal storage memory is 256MB and a 512MB RAM. One thing I dislike about the Tecno D3 is it’s nonsupport for 3G.

Price Of Tecno D3:  This tecno smartphone is sold currently at N14,000 ($87)

Tecno D5 Features/Specs and Price In Nigeria

Tecno D5 Android smartphone

This is a higher Android smartphone which enjoys the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich just like the Q1. A RAM if 512MB and 1GHz processor. Also a Dual Mini SIM supported smartphone with 3MP primary camera and a secondary camera. Also does not support 3G network but is quite a cheap and wonderful android mobile device.

Price Of Tecno D5:  The Tecno D5 is affordable and is sold currently around N15,500 ($100)

Tecno N7 Features/Specs and Price In Nigeria

Tecno N7 Mobile Phone

One of the most expensive in this list but definitely worth it. It also runs the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich OS, supports Dual SIM and supports 3G. It’s screen is a capacitive 4.0″ touch screen with a 5MP primary camera (has flash) and a 0.3MP secondary camera. It has a 4GB internal memory and an external memory of up to 32GB can be used on this device.

Price Of Tecno N7:  The price really suits it’s specs at N30,000 ($187)

Tecno F7 (Phantom A) Features/Specs and Price In Nigeria

Tecno F7 Phantom A

I really love this Android device and sure would by the time you get to know about it’s features. Runs the Android 4.1.1 JellyBean OS with a super 5.0″ HD touch screen, a 1GHz processor and a 1GB RAM. It has a 4GB Internal memory and supports an external memory of up to 32GB. An 8MP (with flash) primary camera and a 1.2MP  secondary camera are parts of this smartphone. You can read more about the Tecno F7 Phantom A Specs and Review.

Price Of Tecno F7:  The price really suits it’s specs at N34,500 ($215)

This is a comprehensive list of all Tecno android smartphones and their prices around Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Uganda and around Africa if the prices are converted to the home country in question.

I would keep this list updated once I come with more information for the Tecno Android smartphones.


  1. Hello Oscar,

    I think those tecno guys are really trying and doing awesome works too, this is something that hasn’t been around for a very long while.

    Getting smartphones with such brilliant features at a very low amount hasn’t been something usual, your review nailed it with their prices too.

    Thanks for sharing and do have a great day ahead of you bro

  2. I am really amazed how the guys at Tecno where able to rebrand a company was had a birth-right of releasing unbelievable downmarket phone with ridiculous functions. Android being open source really gave these guys a new brew of hope and thus far, they have been delivering.

    The company was able balance price and hardware. Sticking with Android was obviously a brillant idea. Something Nokia never saw the first time the original iPhone hit store-shelves in 2007.

    Nice article and have a great day buddy!

    • Yeah Nosa,
      Something Nokia never saw. The guys at Tecno have actually captivated the Nigerian Andorid phone market so far, and they are doing great I must say. Thanks for dropping by buddy. 🙂

  3. Am not sure if i will buy any other phone For as long as techno lives.Am in love,i got the N3 and i enjoyed every bit of it,and now the f7 plus,to be sincere its super,its a galaxy rival,samsung can go to hell

  4. Oscar, u just did a wonderful work here, but there is one aspect i am concerned in 1. Can tecno L3 edit word (2) can it handle pdf files. I want a phone that can perform all the functions u mentioned and the two i stated thanks for the job u did on tecno products

  5. Pls is BBM working now on android,av u use bbm on tecno android?is mtn,zain,glo e.t.c are dey giving unlimited browsing wen u load 1000 on tenco android?tanxs

    • First of all BBM has been introduced on the Android OS and should work on Tecno Android phones, though I haven’t used it cos I own a windows phone. And lastly, no service provider has an unlimited plan for now in Nigeria. Feel free to come around for more updates and do have a great day ahead.

  6. from nearly snubby to amazing androids. tecno has really done great within a reasonably short period and is promising to do even better. great partnership with android, great market. love tecno.

  7. please my chairman,i am using p3 now with 1month used but i wanna download bbm on it but it does not work.which phone can it perform this,?

    • Hi Ebenezer,
      I guess the BBM works only for Android 4.0 versions and upwards whereas your Tecno P3 Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread. That’s the little reason why you can’t run the BBM app.

    • Hi Chiwendu,
      Of course they can all open PDF files. All you need do is install a PDF reader and for the f7, there is no other version except for the one reviewed here. Just one version. Thanks for finding time to comment on my blog and do have a happy week ahead.

  8. I realy love your post bro. I will like to know the latest price now. Moreover, please let me know any tecno android with quad-core, 2ghz and 1G RAM if available in tecno store and the price.

  9. I just bought mini ipad P9, but each time I try to download BBM, it keep saying its not available for this version. Are they saying there’s no provision for that on P9 ipad? Or is still going to be release? Thanks

  10. Hi Frank, please what is the current price of tecno phantom Z . Comparing it with tecno f8 in terms of quality and performance which is better.


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