Google has always been a place of answers to millions of questions, this search engine is a very powerful one, and the most used search engine globally.

Do you know you can probably ask google the location of your lost Android device?

Sometime in 2013, I wrote a blog post on how you can track your lost adroid phone but this time, we don’t need the app to help us do this, we just have to ask google.

How Do I Track My Lost Android Device With Google?

Befor we go further, let’s see some criteria’s that must be met

  • You must be logged into the same Google account that’s used on the mobile device.
  • The lost device must have the latest version of Google’s Android app installed on it, and the corresponding Google account must be active (automatically signed in) with location as well as data turned ON.

If you meet up with that, then you are good to go.

Now to the main reason why we are here. This method requires you to type the phrase “Find My Phone” on google’s search box, then hit the enter key. Now google will display different results along side with a map of the location of your device.

Note: You have to be logged in with thesame google account that is logged in in the phone too.

What if the location and data connection on the lost handset are not turned ON? The map may still show the location that was tracked last when the connection was ON. This could really go a long way in helping you get near the place where your Android device would be.

But if you are given the accurate location of your device, then the Google app provides the option to ring the device by clicking on the “Ring” icon.

What’s your say on this tutorial, hope it helped?


  1. Hey Larry, great tutorial mate. I do have an Android device, and I’d already lost one earlier while I was travelling. It’s so frustrating. I’m sure this feature can help me secure my current device from being stolen or lost. Thanks a lot for sharing this.


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