Windows or MAC OS X? This is one question that recurrently pops up ones mind whenever you plan on getting yourself a computer. Though there are other Operating Systems out there, MAC and Windows have proven to be the best choices but yet very difficult to settle down on any for users like me.

This is not going to be another crazy fan-boy post where I’ll bolster up one operating system over the other. Infact, in my opinion, all operating systems suck. Yeah, you read the last line correctly. Making a choice between the above mentioned operating systems should be determined by what you would love to use your computer for.

windows or mac os

In this post, I’ll give reasons you should choose a windows PC and also reasons you should go for a MAC instead.

Why Windows Is Better Than MAC

1. Hardware Options Available

In windows, you are open to a wide variety of hardware options from several manufacturers which you can try on your PC. But that’s not the case for MACs. Apple products are restricted to only what they must have approved and want you to make use of. This is an added advantage for windows users as you are not restricted to what they feel is best for you.

2. More Developers & More Software

When you think of more developers, you think of more software out there. For some reasons, windows has proven to have eaten up the minds of software developers (meaning their are lots of windows software makers), leading to a variety of software available for your PC. Unlike windows, MAC though having a size-able number of developers, still do not match up that of windows, making it difficult to get a software variety as you would on windows.

There are a couple of software I still do not find available on MAC but have their windows versions.

3. Less Expensive

The fact that not only one company is allowed to build computers that are windows based (unlike apple) makes getting a PC relatively affordable. This can be explained in the sense that several companies building the PC would lead to a market competition, and lowering the price would be the secret to more sales.

MACs on the other hand are really more expensive since all their computers are produced by apple, though with quality materials regulated by the company.

4. Everyone Can Use It

The fact that Apple restricts other computer manufacturers from manufacturing their OS based machines makes it an obvious reason that any Dell, HP, Acer, Lenovo or other computer manufactured would most definitely run Windows as stock, leading to an increase in the popularity of the operating system.

Most homes and also schools adopt teaching their students on PC windows machine mostly likely because windows has much more available software to handle any given task.

Why MAC OS X Is Better Than Windows

1. Quality Hardware

For the fact that Apple restricts other computer manufacturers from making their OS based machines makes it easy for them to manufacture machines that suit their taste. Quality materials are used to build MAC machines and therefore certifies the durability of your machine. This is not the case when you think of windows computers because lots of manufacturers out there means they can build PCs with dirt cheap feeble materials.

2. Stability

Of course, since Apple builds her machines herself, all hardware parts are built to match up their software counterparts and therefore resulting in a more stable operating system. Windows PCs can adopt to almost any hardware configuration which in turn makes their OS in usage less stable than the MAC OS on it’s machines.

3. Less Virus Threat

Obscurity they say, breeds security. It’s as simple as that. Less MAC users worldwide would definitely result in less spread of virus for their computers. There are a whole lot of virus available for windows users because almost every computer runs windows, additional to the fact that their are a bunch of developers for the windows OS.

4. Easier to Use

For the reasons mentioned above that PCs are widely used worldwide doesn’t make it the easier OS to use. Apple has paid perfect attention to their functions and UI. Lots of things are pretty straight forward. For instance, uninstalling a program in windows doesn’t completely remove traces of that program, but deleting a program from the MACs application folder ends all history of the program on your MAC. There are a whole lot of other features that make is easier manipulating a MAC than a PC based on windows.

Now you’ve come to see various reasons you can choose a MAC, or would you rather go for Windows? That can only be determined by what you love to do with your computer. Both OSs have their downsides and PROs, decide which best suits you. Please do use the comment section to tell us whose side you’re on with your reasons, I’m open to hearing your views.


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