Hey guys, let’s do this. I’m sure you are like myself who gets so bored when trying to run some quick deal online like blogging only to find that Firefox is slowing down my zeal and speed. Well you may want to ask me to switch to another browser but which browser? GOOGLE CHROME is known for eating up memory and I wouldn’t want to have that headache.Firefox

In my many years of experience with computers I have found that Mozilla Firefox tops my list as the best browser for pc. Do you agree? Well that’s a debate for another day. So I’m sticking with what I have and making it faster instead.

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Step 1: First open Firefox browser and type in address bar about:config and press Enter. Now you’ll SEE a warning message but Click on “I’ll be Careful I promise!” Lol.

Step 2: Now type “nextwork.prefetch-next” in seach bar
and hit enter, results will be loaded on screen. Double click on that settings and change values to “falses,” then click on OK to confirm.

Step 3: Now Again search for “network.http.pipelining.maxrequestes” and set the value between 8 to 15 ( It is number of sending requests).

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Step 4: Search for “browser.cache.disk.capacity .” A pop box will appear with default value ” 50000″. If your ram is less than 1GB set it to ” 5000 “ or If your ram is more than 1GB set it to ” 358400 “. This step is useful because sometimes firefox uses too much ram, by this step you can assign limit value.

Step 5: In this last step we are going to create Boolean parameter. So right click anywhere on configuration page and select New > Boolean. A box will appear type there “config.trim_on_minimize” and set value to “True” . It will use less ram when maximized.

Step 6: Close all tabs and Restart Firefox.

For all the texts I asked you to type, do not include the quotation marks as I only used them to enhance your understanding of the exact things to type.
I hope you find this useful? Let’s here your view. 🙂


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