Facebook CEO and owner Mark Zukerberg is slated to appear before the us congress on Thursday 25/03/2021 to testify about the role Facebook might have played in fueling the attack on capitol hill.

Mark who will be joined by the CEO of both google and twitter will be grilled on the roleĀ  social media plays in promoting extremism, misinformation and violence.

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This is coming after reports found that Facebook did little or nothing to stop groups linked to militias from spreading violence during the run up to the 2020 elections.

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Authorities stated that they believed Facebook had the capacity to have protected voters from violent and extremist content but only did little at the very last moment.

Facebook in its defense stated that the methodology used to carry out the report was flawed. Adding further that the social media giant has done more than any other company to check harmful and extremist content on the platform.



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