For those of you who don’t not know what Prisma is, Prisma is an application that allows you add variety of effects to your pictures, and this is by far the best photo editing application I’ve come across for a long time now. It’s good news that Prisma is now officially available for everyone to download. When asked what photo editing is, the right answer for mobile users is Prisma.Prisma-Android-Feat

Within a short period of launch, this application has been able to capture a massive fan base as millions of users use this app on daily bases. It features 30 different filters that allows you modify any image into an artwork, stunning photo effects.
To spice it all up, Prisma application also comes with fast sharing features, this feature allow users to share their already modified images to friends around social networks.

Download Prisma for Android on Playstore

Download for iOS on App store

It’s news to us that this application future update would feature video editing, and that’s for sure is goinna be great. Where are all those photo addicts and lovers, make haste to get this application to you smartphone, and enjoy the easy photo editing from Prisma.


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